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2011 Distribution of Calgary Luxury Property Sales

Where Do Calgary's Wealthy buy Homes?

 Distribution of Calgary Real Estate Luxury Sales - November 2011

Where do Calgarian's with high net-worth buy property in the city? Overwhelmingly it seems in Southwest Calgary Neighbourhoods:

  • two-thirds (68%) of Calgary luxury sales are in SW Calgary
  • one-quarter (24%) of Calgary luxury sales are in NW Calgary
  • one-tenth (9%) of Calgary luxury sales are in SE Calgary
  • Notably, there have been no million dollar+ sales in NE Calgary year-to-date

There have been 417 "million dollar+ sales" year to date in metro Calgary. This number represents the highest percentage of luxury sales to total metro sales recorded in any of the past 5 years:

  • 2011: 417 luxury sales out of a total 16,922 metro sales = 2.46% *year-to-date*
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What are Calgary’s Most Expensive Communities?

Calgary's Most Expensive Communities Do you live in one of Calgary’s seven most expensive communities?

We thought it would be fun to share the seven Calgary communities with the highest median single family real estate assessments (averaged for the entire community).

All seven communities are located in SW Calgary:


#7: Britannia

Britannia Real Estate Coming seventh on the list this year is Britannia; Median community assessed value of $1,185,000 (down 0.8% from last year).

#6: Elbow Park:

Elbow Park Luxury Property

In sixth place is Elbow Park; Median assessed value of $1,220,000 (up over 18% from last year).
Elbow Park also is home to Calgary’s current all-time most expensive home sale ($10,300,000).

#5: Roxboro:

Roxboro Luxury Property In fifth spot is Roxboro; Median assessed single family value…
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