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Calgary Real Estate Market Report
July 2017

Downtown Calgary from Mission District

Sales Fall while Prices Rise

While July sales in Calgary slowed for the first time this year, prices for most property segments have stabilized.

Price increases in the detached and attached segments are the main movers in the Calgary market, with only the apartment (condo) sector showing year over year price declines. High listing inventory levels in the condo sector continue to put downward pressure on prices throughout the city.

Detached homes, which represent 63% of Calgary's MLS® sales, are in balanced market with 3.1 months of listings. This compares to the 7.1 months of inventory the apartment segment now has, which is higher than a year ago. Buyers are firmly in control of the Calgary

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Calgary Home Sales Continue to Grow

Calgary housing market gains momentum in April

(May 03 2017): Sales were up across all Calgary property segments in April, setting the stage for the best spring market in the past three years. The job market in Calgary has turned the corner and is beginning to look stronger.

Calgary property sales increased 8.4% year over year. The city-wide benchmark price, which is CREB's combined property sale price, was slightly under 1% lower than last year ($439,600). Note - April sales would have been 4-5% higher had it not been for the Easter long weekend, which occurred in March last year.

More jobs means less uncertainty for people who are sitting on the fence. There also tends to be fewer people who need to sell when employment improves
David Brown,

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Calgary Home Sales Continue to Show Strength

(April 15 2017): Calgary home sales continue to show strength in mid-April, outpacing 2016 sales by almost 20%. The detached home sector, which accounts for 2/3's of Calgary's overall sales, bottomed out last year and prices are on track to rise 2 - 3% this year. It's not the 30% increase that Toronto home owners are seeing, but Calgarians will take it.

Sales of detached homes to mid-April are 19% higher than 2016 as the correction continues to take strength. The listing inventory is 24% below last years levels. In some price points, demand has caused the number listings to fall below balance and into a seller's market. Homes priced under $500,000 have only 1.5 months of inventory, meaning half of

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Calgary Real Estate: Window of Opportunity Closing?

Increase in Oil Price Improves Calgary Market

 Updated May 1 2016: At the risk of sounding repetitive, Calgary real estate sales continue to be slow as April nears an end. Traditional 1st quarter seasonality combined with oil’s February’s 13-year low of $26 per barrel have had a negative impact on sales and prices.

While market activity increased with the arrival of spring, sales continue to trend downward year-over-year. There was a 3% decline Yr/Yr for detached home sales in April. Meanwhile apartment condo sales were 21% lower than 2015. Compared to the pre-oil drop of 2014, detached home sales are 25% lower while apartment sales are down 39%.

The median sale price for detached homes is virtually the same as 2015 (+0.6%), and only 1.2%

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Calgary Real Estate Selling Faster, For More

Calgary real estate selling 19% faster

 May 27, 2013:  Calgary homes are selling faster and for higher prices in May than they were a year ago. Jim Sparrow, a REALTOR® with Royal LePage in SW Calgary commented on the numbers Monday:

"Total Calgary metro sales (houses & condos combined) were up 4.9% vs the same period last year (2,122 vs. 2,022). Single family Calgary homes have sold slightly more (+1.3%) month-to-date as they did in May 2012: 1,465 sales this year vs. 1,446 in May '12). Both the average & median sale price have increased" 

Calgary House Sales (May 2013 month-to date)

Average 2013 May price MTD = $522,391 (3.7% higher than 2012's $503,513)
Median 2013 May price MTD = $458,000 (5.3% higher than 2012's $435,000)


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Calgary home buyers continue to keep their foot on the pedal, with January sales up a sizeable 15% from the same month last year. Both single family home and condo sales rose by approximately the same percentage over last years number. This marks the twelfth consecutive month that Year over Year sales have increased. Calgary is one of the only major cities in the country to see an increase in sales this year.

Calgary Single Family Home Prices

Calgary real estate market review January 2013

Total sales of Calgary homes and condos in the metro area were 1,230 vs 1,069 last January, a 15.1% increase

  • SF home sales @ 879 vs 763 last January
  • Median SF sale price @ $435,500, up 10.3% over last January's $395,000 
  • Median SF sale price sets a new record for the month of January, 6% higher
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Calgary's real estate market continued to defy the slumping national trend by ending the year with another month of year-over-year increases in both the price and sales number categories. This comes as no surprise to most analysts as 2012 saw the metro Calgary residential market record the highest number of sales since 2007. Both the average and the median house price established new record highs for December.

Number of Calgary Residential Sales: December

Total residential houses & condos sold in Calgary - Dec 2012

  • Combined residential sales in Calgary totalled 1,083 (4.9% increase vs 1,025 sold in Dec 2011)
  • Total Calgary homes (houses) sold: 745 (3.2% increase over 722 sold in Dec 2011)
  • Total Calgary condos sold: 338 (9.0% increase over 310 sold in Dec 2011)
  • Previous 5 year average was:
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Calgary MLS® System Sales: October 2012

The Calgary real estate market continues bucking the national trend. While other major Canadian markets continue to see both their prices & number of sales drop, the October MLS® System sales & prices in Calgary rose significantly from the same month last year.

Combined metro Calgary sales for October were 1,666, up 23.1% from 2011 and 18.3% higher than the five year average*.

*Metro Calgary sales refers to residential real estate within the city limits of Calgary, and does not include rural properties or real estate from smaller towns surrounding the greater Calgary area. Combined sales include both homes (houses), townhouses & apartment-style condos. Vacant lots, parking stalls and timeshares are not

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Calgary Home Sale Price Sets New Record

Calgary Real Estate Market Report - May 2012 June 8th: May 2012 was another strong month for the Calgary real estate market, with a couple of new records set for May MLS sales.

Both the average and median sale price for a Calgary home eclipsed previous record levels for the month, and were close to topping the all-time records in both these categories.  

Calgary Home Sales

Calgary home sales (single family) totalled 1,713 in May, 31% more than last years number and the highest number of sales since May 2007. The average sale price of $501,957 was a new record for the month, as was the median sale price of $436,000. Median sale price is the level at which half the number of sales are higher and the other half are lower

Single family homes sold in Calgary - May 2012

  • May 2012 SF home
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Calgary Real Estate Market Sends Mixed Signals for April 2012 

Calgary Dream Homes Jim Sparrow MLS® sales for April 2012 gave mixed results for the metro Calgary real estate market. While the number of sales for both single family homes and condos was up dramatically vs. April last year, sale prices for Calgary houses stayed flat, with condo prices showing some improvement.

Inevitably there will be a lot of discussion about the increased number of sales this year compared with April 2011, so allow me to provide a bit of context (seeing the forest through the trees if you will):

Last April (2011) was the poorest April in the past 10 years for Calgary home & condo sales.

*see combined sales below; All sales numbers & prices are for homes located within metro Calgary*


Total Metro Calgary Sales: April 2012
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