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Nobody looks for a home in Calgary!

Posted by Jim Sparrow on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 at 8:54am.

Nobody looks for a home in Calgary!

Neighbourhood resources for searching Calgary Real Estate Listings

No CalgaryTruth be told, almost no-one looks for a "home" in Calgary anymore.
Calgary may be the home of the Calgary Flames, the Calgary Stampede and the Stampeders. Calgary may have been the first Canadian City to host the Winter Olympics, it may even have more corporate headquarters than anywhere else in the country and been called the 'cleanest city in the World' by Forbes Magazine. Still, no one looks for a home in Calgary anymore.

People don't buy a home in 'Calgary' anymore because 'Calgary' is a great big beautiful place full of different, unique and interesting neighbourhoods and it is these neighbourhoods that people look for when buying a new home.

They may start with the Calgary real estate listings, but buyers usually have a particular area in mind and it doesn't matter if it's SW Calgary real estate, SE Calgary real estate, NW Calgary real estate, NE or Inner City; they drill down to their desired area/community/neighbourhood as quickly as they can.

But what about those of you out there who aren't sure which Calgary neighbourhood is right for you? What about the 'out of towners' moving to the City for the first time - how are they going to know where to look for a new home? Even those of you that have lived in Calgary for a long time won't know everything about all potential neighbourhoods. The Calgary Real Estate Listings will help you find the right house, but they won't tell you much about 'where' to live.

We have compiled a handful of resources to help everyone find the area just right for their dream home!

First off, it's always a good Idea to start with a map!

Google Maps - It's incredible what you can now do with Google Maps to correlate Calgary real estate listings! Zoom, pan, satellite view, terrain view, major roads, click on 'more' and you can add user submitted pictures, videos wikipedia references, webcams and transit information. You can even click the 'traffic' button and add real time look at traffic congestion! *don't forget to click on the map to move around from place to place* <Detailed listings on our website include a Google Map view for most metro Calgary real estate listings>

Google Streetview - OK, this is really amazing. Lets say you're looking at Calgary Real Estate Listings and see a house you are interested in: there are lots of photos of the particular house, but that's it. Suppose you wanted to have a quick look at the houses on either side or want to 'see the neighborhood'. Normally you'd have to get in your car and go for a drive. Using google maps (click STREETVIEW tab from our detailed listings) you'll immediately be taken to 'Google Streetview' which is a step by step, first person view of most places in the city. This is pretty incredible and you really have to try it to believe it. Pick a few houses from our Calgary Real Estate Listings. select the "Streetviews" tab and take a tour of a potential neighborhood right from your kitchen table! *view a sample STREETVIEW from one of our current listings*
Calgary eMaps - This is a Calgary City planning tool that enables you to view city facilities and services and where they are located. It is an 'Interactive map' which means that you can selectively overlay any type of city facility or service onto the map.

The Next thing to do is to look at other helpful information about each neighbourhood and we have put together a number of sources of information below.

  • Federation of Calgary Communities - this site is primarily a source for information about the local community associations, but it does provide nice, concise summaries of each Calgary community
  • lists all kinds of community information by region and Calgary neighbourhood (you have to drill down to find it but useful)

Calgary City government resources

The City of Calgary provides a rich repository of detailed information about each community in Calgary - sometimes it's a challenge to find, but if you spend a little time digging around there are some real gems. A few that I find helpful are:

  • Calgary Municipal Development Plan - lists the investment plans by community for facilities and services
  • Calgary Neighborhood Social Profiles - a neighbourhood by neighbourhood listing of demographics of residents (click the link and then scroll to the bottom of the page)
  • Calgary Police Statistics - another place I would look when researching communities; it is always a good idea to know what the police deal with over time. The Calgary Police Service provides an excellent tool for 'Crime Mapping'. This is another interactive map that allows you to select an area and then overlay different types of crime to display frequency, location, time of day etc.

Well, that is probably enough information to get you started and carry you past the Calgary Real Estate Listings to help find your new Calgary home!

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