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Mount Royal Calgary: SW Calgary Real Estate neighbourhood profile

Posted by Jim Sparrow on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 at 7:36am.

Coste House in Upper Mount Royal CalgarySW Calgary Real Estate Listings are full of interesting and beautiful homes, each with its own unique character, property, interior and location. As we frequently  point out, the location could very well be the most important criteria to consider.

In this ongoing series highlighting the community characteristics of different Calgary neighbourhoods, this week will appeal to those interested in SW Calgary Homes for sale as we look at the Elbow River Valley Community of Mount Royal in SW Calgary.

Made up of two areas, Upper and Lower Mount Royal, this SW Calgary neighbourhood contains some of the oldest, most expensive estates in the city. Mount Royal was established in the early 1900's by CP Rail and promoted as an exclusive enclave  to the then newly arrived business elite from the United States and was known as 'American Hill'.  Lower Mount Royal has a distinctly different flavor and is home to a hip '20-something' crowd and more apartment/condominiums than single family homes.

A total population of almost 6,000 residents almost evenly split between Upper and Lower, Mount Royal has a to be expected difference in home styles and incomes.

Tony Upper Mount Royal real estate is primarily single family homes (87.2%) that trend towards estate or executive style and the median household income is greater than $125,000 per year. Contrast that with it's more 'trendy' neighbor and you will find that Lower Mount Royal Real Estate is dominated by condominiums and apartments (almost 90%!) and a median household income of only $35,000.

Restrictive covenants were establish on property in Upper Mount Royal maintaining minimum construction costs on new development and a restriction to only single family homes and the dominant building style was brick and sandstone.

Conversely, Lower Mount Royal Real Estate did not carry the restrictive covenants and was thereby subdivided into much smaller lots, wood frame construction dominated and has resulted in the redevelopment into higher densities reflecting the overall Area Redevelopment Plans and city-wide planning objectives.

Situated on a hill, south of the downtown core, Mount Royal has exceptional views of the city, Bow Valley and Elbow Valley.  Considered a prime location for SW Calgary Real Estate, Mount Royal is within walking distance of downtown and provides a number of high end shopping boutiques, restaurants, lots of parks, tennis courts and close proximity to private Glencoe Club.

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