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January 2013

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With 2 days remaining in the month, Calgary's real estate market continues to outperfom. Sales of Calgary MLS® listed homes & condos yesterday eclipsed last January's numbers, and marks the 12th consecutive month the number of sales has increased year over year. This is in stark contrast to the majority of other major Canadian cities, many of which have seen their Y/Y sales tumble since midway through 2012.

January 2013 Calgary real estate market update

At time of writing, metro Calgary sales stand at 1,119 (vs a total of 1,069 last January.

  • SF home sales @ 804 (vs 763 last January)
  • Median SF sale price @ $435,500, a 10% increase over last January's $395,000 *Median SF sale price sets a new January record, 6% higher than the next highest January (2008)*
  • Average SF sale price @
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luxury real estate in CalgaryThe 2013 City of Calgary property assessment update mailed out last week showed a record number of single-family homes valued at one million dollars or more (up 13% from 2012).

There were few surprises in the latest city assessment: the same seven southwest Calgary communities once again jockeyed on position for priciest above-million-dollar median assessed value. *Median assessed value means there are half as many properties assessed for more as there are for those priced less*

Alfred Balm's 16,000 square foot Pumphill mansion once again took top spot for highest appraised value, something its held since 2007. His single-family home in SW Calgary was appraised at just under $19,800,000. But Pumphill didn't break the list of million-dollar median

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Calgary's real estate market continued to defy the slumping national trend by ending the year with another month of year-over-year increases in both the price and sales number categories. This comes as no surprise to most analysts as 2012 saw the metro Calgary residential market record the highest number of sales since 2007. Both the average and the median house price established new record highs for December.

Number of Calgary Residential Sales: December

Total residential houses & condos sold in Calgary - Dec 2012

  • Combined residential sales in Calgary totalled 1,083 (4.9% increase vs 1,025 sold in Dec 2011)
  • Total Calgary homes (houses) sold: 745 (3.2% increase over 722 sold in Dec 2011)
  • Total Calgary condos sold: 338 (9.0% increase over 310 sold in Dec 2011)
  • Previous 5 year average was:
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