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April 2012

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Calgary house sales surge in March? 

Your trusted source for Calgary Real EstateCalgary Herald headline (April 2/12) read "Calgary house sales surge in March". Great tagline, the story goes on to describe how Calgary home sales showed a "stunning" growth when compared with a year ago (read full article here).

While all of this is fact, these numbers are all relative to those they're being compared to. We'd like to offer another perspective on the market, and allow readers make up their own minds.

According to WEBSTERS, Surge (verb) = "to rise suddenly to an excessive or abnormal value"

Not convinced that "surge" was the best way to describe last month's sales numbers, I checked the Calgary Real Estate Board's (CREB's) database for March sales in each of the past 10 years:


March 2012 Calgary Home Sales

While the graph

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