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February 2010

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For first time buyers in the Calgary real estate market: some useful information and tips - part 2

Calgary real estate mortgage tips In the last post we talked about the importance of picking a great location for Calgary Real Estate.

For our second installment we’ll look at how to finance your Calgary property. Even for experienced buyers of real estate in Calgary, the process of getting financing can be a stressful chore, and for first time home buyers it can seem overwhelming. By being prepared and by taking a systematic and planned approach you can avoid the stress and confusion that may come from securing financing for your new Calgary home purchase.

The very first step is to create a budget that you can manage and live with. This budget will encompass everything, from the cost

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For first time buyers in the Calgary real estate market: some tips and other useful information - Part 1

 Calgary First Time Buyer

As Calgary Real Estate continues to show signs of improvement, many first time buyers might consider investing now in the hope of beating a price increase. However, buying a first home anywhere is daunting enough without the added pressure of trying to ‘beat the market’, especially for those individuals who have little to no experience within the Calgary real estate market. In this entry, the first of three offering tips and advice to first time home buyers, we will remind you about the importance in picking a location (it is amazing how frequently we all are susceptible to ‘falling in love’ with a house and not heeding even the most common sense

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Calgary Real Estate could be affected by the Green Revolution

Green Calgary Real Estate

Canadians can take a breath of fresh air, well at least in 2020, which is the targeted year for a 17% drop in greenhouse gas emission rates. Not only is this great news for the green-minded Canadian, but it might have an impact upon the Canadian real estate market. As the green revolution becomes more popular, buyers, owners, and sellers might want to factor in greener alternatives when looking into investing in the Calgary real estate market.

For sellers operating around realty in Calgary, the incentive to go green is in the potential value it can add to a property. Many effective green solutions require a certain level of renovations to a property. For example, one popular improvement

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