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Calgary Real Estate and the Green Revolution

Posted by Jim Sparrow on Saturday, February 6th, 2010 at 10:18am.

Calgary Real Estate could be affected by the Green Revolution

Green Calgary Real Estate

Canadians can take a breath of fresh air, well at least in 2020, which is the targeted year for a 17% drop in greenhouse gas emission rates. Not only is this great news for the green-minded Canadian, but it might have an impact upon the Canadian real estate market. As the green revolution becomes more popular, buyers, owners, and sellers might want to factor in greener alternatives when looking into investing in the Calgary real estate market.

For sellers operating around realty in Calgary, the incentive to go green is in the potential value it can add to a property. Many effective green solutions require a certain level of renovations to a property. For example, one popular improvement could be to add solar panels to the roof. By adding solar panels and other green alternatives these investments will likely lead to an increase in the value of a property. Besides the physical added value, advertising up a house as a “eco-friendly property” will allow a home to stand out of the crowd, potentially attracting more attention.

For buyers and owners in the Calgary real estate market, the greener alternatives have the same benefits for each party. Beyond the satisfaction of relying less on fossil fuels, there are physical saving to be made. By placing windows in a house in order to capture the sun in winter can result in a decrease in the need for heating; which during those freezing Calgary winters could be a lifesaver. These savings, while likely to be small at first, especially considering the cost of renovating, but when thinking in the long term green alternatives could end up saving you a lot.

Finally considering all the benefits, which there are many beyond what was mentioned in this posting, going green isn’t not something to shy away from, since it can influence both value and presentation of a property. Taking these advantages into account and the potential saving to buyers/owners; it is likely green alternatives will become more common place both in terms of Calgary real estate, but also the Canadian real estate market.

Currie Barracks: Leeds Community

Canada Land Corporation (CLC) have unveiled their plans for Currie Barracks, the third and final development of the lands formerly occupied by CFB Calgary. A small number of SF lots went on the market last week for Currie Barracks, 3rd in the trilogy of developments (Garrison Woods and Garrison Green are the other two). While initially only 12.1 hectares of the 81 hectare Currie Barracks site will be developed, it is the first community in Canada to receive gold certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (aka LEEDs). LEED is a green building rating system that provides a set of standards for environmentally sustainable construction.

CLC announced SF builders for Currie Barracks will include:

  • Avi Urban
  • Empire Homes
  • Evolution by Greenboro
  • Greenboro Luxury Homes
  • Mission Homes

Development plans for Currie Barracks cover a ten year plan. Close to 3,200 SF and multi-family units will occupy the lands upon final build-out. Currie Barracks is located on the east side of Crowchild Trail between 33rd AVE SW and Richard RD SW, just north of Mount Royal University.

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Madison homes for sale wrote: Congratulations to Calgary and all of Canada for being on track to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 17% by 2020. That's quite an achievement and one we should all strive to emulate. Today I was sent a website address for a do-it-yourself solar panel you could supposedly install for $200 in your backyard and start saving hundreds instantly on your electric bill. The site looked cheesy and although I didn't have time to read about the product in-depth and peruse all the testimonials, it made me think that if someone I trusted (like you) blogged about that same product, I might seriously look into getting one!

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 at 9:29pm.

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