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Living in Calgary

Coste House in Upper Mount Royal CalgarySW Calgary Real Estate Listings are full of interesting and beautiful homes, each with its own unique character, property, interior and location. As we frequently  point out, the location could very well be the most important criteria to consider.

In this ongoing series highlighting the community characteristics of different Calgary neighbourhoods, this week will appeal to those interested in SW Calgary Homes for sale as we look at the Elbow River Valley Community of Mount Royal in SW Calgary.

Made up of two areas, Upper and Lower Mount Royal, this SW Calgary neighbourhood contains some of the oldest, most expensive estates in the city. Mount Royal was established in the early 1900's by CP Rail and promoted as an exclusive enclave  to the then newly

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Calgary Lakefront PropertyAre you considering purchasing a lake home? If you are like many people, purchasing a lake home may represent the realization of a long time dream. After all, if you love lake views and if you enjoy spending time on the water and the beach, nothing could be better than walking out your backdoor to enjoy a beautiful lakefront oasis. Before moving forward with plans to purchase a lake home, however, it is essential to take these five things into consideration in order to be certain owning a lake home is right for you.

#1: Can Your Budget Handle the Purchase?

Sure, owning a home on the lake can be a very enjoyable experience, but it is important to remember that lake homes tend to be far more expensive than those that aren't on the lake. In fact, you can

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Competition Bureau misguided about Canadian MLS

Calgary Realtor(April 30 2010) Buying a home is a lot different than buying an airline ticket. Yet if you read the complaint by the Competition Bureau against the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), you would think it is that simple to buy or sell a home in Canada, by just using the Internet for support. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

According to the Bureau, CREA and its member real estate boards effectively control the market in Canada, since 90 per cent of all residential home sales are completed using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) systems, and consumers thus have no real choice in paying commissions, which, according to the bureau, is usually five per cent of the sale price. It is further claimed that

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Aspen Woods, Calgary - SW Calgary Real Estate Neighbourhood Profile

Aspen Woods SW Calgary A few posts ago we wrote about the different resources available to help you find the perfect spot to buy your first (or next) piece of Calgary Real Estate. One of the things we highlighted was that you really need to understand the different neighborhoods and what they have to offer. To help give you a little bit of the 'local flavor' and an idea of what to look for we are going to profile different neighborhoods. So, if you are looking for SW Calgary homes for sale in the SW Calgary Real Estate listings, then you might want to check back here periodically as we profile different SW Calgary neighbourhoods.

Aspen Woods, with its beautiful pastoral settings, was rural farmland area only

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Mortgage rates on the riseHave one eye on interest rates and another on SW Calgary Real Estate Listings? Then you already know that mortgage rates are on the rise and that SW Calgary Homes for sale are going to cost you a little bit more. As speculation grows that short term interest rates will be raised by the Bank of Canada, many people are beginning to look at locking in with a fixed rate mortgage. For some, this is the right thing to do, while for others, maybe not.

Whether looking at SW Calgary homes for sale for a first home purchase, or a 'veteran' home owner looking to refinance or renew, homeowners and home buyers almost always end up asking themselves the same question: variable or fixed?

Historically, a variable rate mortgage has won out in reducing the total amount

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Nobody looks for a home in Calgary!

Neighbourhood resources for searching Calgary Real Estate Listings

No CalgaryTruth be told, almost no-one looks for a "home" in Calgary anymore.
Calgary may be the home of the Calgary Flames, the Calgary Stampede and the Stampeders. Calgary may have been the first Canadian City to host the Winter Olympics, it may even have more corporate headquarters than anywhere else in the country and been called the 'cleanest city in the World' by Forbes Magazine. Still, no one looks for a home in Calgary anymore.

People don't buy a home in 'Calgary' anymore because 'Calgary' is a great big beautiful place full of different, unique and interesting neighbourhoods and it is these neighbourhoods that people look for when buying a new home.

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Calgary home prices 2009-2010

Statistics for the month of March 2010 show the Calgary real estate market is back on track with sales figures & average house prices nearly the same as 2 years ago *March 2008 number of Calgary home sales 1,418 vs 1,396 March 2010; March 2008 Avg Sale Price $474,513 vs $471,268 March 2010*. I don’t believe comparisons with the first half of 2009 have much relevance as the market numbers were skewed by the worldwide recession.

March 2010 Calgary Real Estate Stats


Mar 2010

vs Mar 09

vs Mar 08

vs Mar 07

 Calgary house sales


1,086 (+1%)

 1,418 (-2%)

 2,272 (-39%)

 Avg house price





 Days on market: house


 48 (-31%)

 48 (-31%)


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Canadian mortgage rateThere is big news for those of you who pay attention to the mortgage market in Canada: starting April 19th the rules regarding mortgages will change and while not too dramatic, they will affect many homeowners and investors in Calgary Real Estate and across Canada. The motivation behind these alterations appears to be to prevent people operating within the Canadian real estate market from taking on too much debt. In order to achieve this goal, the government is enacting three major changes:

1/ Changes to qualifying rate:

The first big change within this new legislation will be to require those qualifying for a mortgage to have that qualification based on a five-year fixed rate regardless of the actual rate they negotiate. While those who are looking for

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US interest rate drop

Today's guest blogger is Eric Bramlett, who is the broker & co-owner of One Source Realty, a boutique Austin real estate brokerage. Eric currently manages his team of agents, and a number of websites, including his Austin condos website. 

According to reports, the percentage of home sellers in the United States who reduced their asking prices fell during the month of February. Furthermore, those who did reduce their prices reduced them at a slightly smaller rate than what has been seen in the past. At the same time, it should be noted that the median list price of homes did fall in January.

Some interesting facts as reported by the website include:

• 19.5% of homes listed for sale on Zillow were reduced in price at least one time by the

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For first time buyers in the Calgary real estate market: some useful information and tips - part 2

Calgary real estate mortgage tips In the last post we talked about the importance of picking a great location for Calgary Real Estate.

For our second installment we’ll look at how to finance your Calgary property. Even for experienced buyers of real estate in Calgary, the process of getting financing can be a stressful chore, and for first time home buyers it can seem overwhelming. By being prepared and by taking a systematic and planned approach you can avoid the stress and confusion that may come from securing financing for your new Calgary home purchase.

The very first step is to create a budget that you can manage and live with. This budget will encompass everything, from the cost

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